Refundid for Retailers

Truly instant refunds. Happy customers. No risk. Only by Refundid.

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Truly Instant refunds

With Refundid your customers are guaranteed their refund within seconds of lodging their return.

From our pocket

We pay your customers their refund directly from our pocket. Only by Refundid.

Zero risk

Receive the items, review, inspect and only pay us back for items returned in a satisfactory condition.

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How it Works

The instant refund movement is here

Truly instant refunds with absolutely no risk. Only by Refundid.



We pay your customers their refund in seconds


Customers ship their return back to your store


Review the items before you pay us back



Avg. Increase in repurchases


Avg. Increase in repurchase AOV


Faster customer repurchase rate


What's in it for you?

Improve your customer experience

Nobody likes waiting for their own money. Refundid allows you to give your customers what they want. Instant refunds. Happy customers.

Maximise retention and loyalty

Refundid's customer friendly refund flow is changing consumer behaviour. Fast and easy refunds are giving customers a reason to shop again.

Increase your sales

Greater customer confidence and improved repurchase metrics. Refundid has been proven to grow your business.

Reduce refund related complaints

Refundid's transformation of the old-style refund flow eliminates refund related complaints meaning a leaner CX team with higher customer satisfaction.

Improve customer confidence

Refundid's guarantee of easy and instant refunds acts as a badge of security for your business, driving confidence, conversions and

Learn about your customers behaviour

Access data and insights into return and repurchase behaviour with Refundid's real-time and personalised reporting.

Refundid has significantly reduced CS ticket costs as customers don't need to ask where their refund is

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Not only does the customer have a seamless user experience when using Refundid, they spent 9.7% more and repurchased 2.4X faster

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We’ve learned that we can turn refunds from an average experience into an incredible one

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Easy Integration

Refundid currently supports a wide variety of integration options.

Custom API

Not using a platform?

Refundid offers custom installation. Contact us to learn more.


How can we help?

What is Refundid?


Refundid lets you access your refund instantly, before you've even sent back your return, at zero cost.

How do I get my first refund?


So, you’ve received an item from a store that offers Refundid, you’re not totally satisfied and would like a refund?

All you have to do is set up a Refundid account and follow our simple 3 step process!

To set up your account, simply follow the prompts starting from the sign-up tab found here. Once you’ve created your account, you can start your refund process through your personalised dashboard.

Does it cost to use Refundid?


No! Refundid is 100% free for the customer requesting a refund. That means there's no subscription fees, no set up costs, no transaction fees, none.

If you receive an item from a store that offers Refundid, and you're not totally satisfied, you can request a refund. You'll receive your refund in full, instantly - at absolutely no cost.

The only time we ever charge Refundid customers is when we've identified misconduct. This misconduct is extremely rare. If you believe you will likely suffer from misconduct fees, we recommend you don't use Refundid. Find out more about our misconduct fees here.

How do I know Refundid will handle my data securely?


Here at Refundid we are committed to complying with our obligations under the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988, including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Refundid and where possible, it’s third-party providers use cloud-native and cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure compliant with, among other standards, ISO27001, ASAE 3150, CPS 234 & CIS Benchmark Level 2.

Still have concerns over how your data is handled? Read more here Refundid’s Privacy Policy.

Can I use Refundid if I purchased my order with a buy now pay later service, like Afterpay or Zip?


Absolutely! Refundid works with all payment gateways meaning you can still receive an instant refund with Refundid if you originally purchased your item with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service such as Afterpay, Zip or Klarna.

Simply follow the usual Refundid process to receive an instant refund with one of our partner stores. After that, you can then use the money that you receive instantly from Refundid to repay your outstanding balance with your BNPL provider.

Please note, when using the Refundid platform your payments with your BNPL service will not be automatically cancelled. You will need to repay your BNPL provider with the money that is sent by Refundid.

Got questions?
Check out our help centre or contact our customer success team.

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